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If you are interested in having me play drums and percussion on your recordings but our geographical locations prevent us from meeting personally, I can deliver this from my practice studio through what is called a remote session, and we can exchange files through email and FTP (Dropbox).

When you hire me for a remote session, I will provide you with high quality and fully multi tracked drum recordings to use in your recording. Using Shure, Rode, AKG and Focusrite equipment, the recordings will be clean and clear, enabling you or your producer to manipulate the raw audio as you/they see fit. The drums will be recorded into Logic X using the supplied scratch/demo track and tempo, the stems will be provided as 16 bit, 44.1k wav files for use in your DAW”

Feel free to ask me anything, don’t be afraid to ask me a stupid question, I'm cool... 


The cost is only £40 per song! 


If you want me to do an EP or maybe an album of songs, (Lets say 10 songs), I can work out a cheaper price per song, a rough estimate would be around £300. 



What are you waiting for? Get in touch!
What are you waiting for? Get in touch!

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