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Maybe you are a prospective client wondering if I have the goods for your project or maybe you are a bit of a gear freak (you could be both), so here is a list of my essential equipment for all of those interested.



Mapex Black Panther "Black Widow"

6ply Maple

Toms = 5.1mm

Bass Drum = 7.2mm


  • 18x22” Kick Drum

  • 7x10” Tom

  • 8x12” Tom

  • 12x14” Floor Tom

  • 14x16” Floor Tom


Mapex Black Panther “Retrosonic”

9ply Walnut

8.1mm Shells


  • 16x22” Kick Drum

  • 8x12” Tom

  • 16x16” Floor Tom

Snare Drums


All my snare drums are Mapex Black Panther drums, each one serving a different purpose by having different woods and combinations, sizes, heads, snare wires, tensions and tunings.  With this selection of snares, I have been able to cover every scenario that has come my way so far.


  • 5.5x10” Stinger - Steel

  • 5x12” Phantom - Birch

  • 6.5x12” Fast Back - Maple

  • 7x13" Blaster - Maple

  • 4.58x14” Versatus-Maple/Mahogany/Maple

  • 5x14” Black Widow - Maple

  • 5.5x14” Retrosonic - Walnut

  • 5.5x14” Blade - Steel

  • 6.5x14” Sledgehammer - Brass



I have been playing Zildjian cymbals for 15 years and never deviated from them. Even though brands have become popular and trendy, I still feel each Zildjian cymbal is completely unique with tons of personality. This cymbal collection is the result of many years of diligent planning and searching, as some of these cymbals have been discontinued for years, some I have hunted down to all four corners of the globe, and some just spoke to me, and therefor, I had to have them. Each one of these cymbals means a lot to me, and I feel these are the particular best versions of each one on the market that I have heard to date, and this collection is growing. Click the PDF for a full list.


  • Avedis 14” New Beat Hi Hats

  • K Custom 20” Hybrid Ride

  • A Custom 17” Crash

  • A Custom 18” EFX



  • Mapex Hardware and Pedals

  • Remo Drum Heads

  • Shure Microphones and IEM

  • Vic Firth Sticks, Hearing Protection, Isolation headphones 

  • Porter and Davies BC2 Tactile Monitor

  • LP Percussion and hand percussion

  • Russ Miller Groove, Cascara and Jingle Wedges

  • Puresound snare wires

  • Neutrik cables

  • Gilbraltar parts, clamps and lug locks

  • Pro Mark Cymbal rattler and sizzlers 

  • Big Fat Snare Drum heads


  • Vic Firth SD2 Bolero Drum Sticks

  • Vic Firth Legacy Brushes

  • Vic Firth Birch, Bamboo and 4 Slat Tala wands

  • Vic Firth T3 Mallets

  • Vic Firth Blades 

  • Vic Firth Dreadlocks

  • Vic Firth Rute and Rute 505 rods

Cases and protection




  • All Drums

  • BC2 Throne

  • Hardware

  • Cymbals

  • Baskey Drum Rugs

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