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"Technical, musical, subtle and extremely hard working. Jay will listen, react and deliver the right sound and feel every single time.”

- Liam Craig


"Jay Dickson has been drumming live and playing on studio recordings with me for nearly two years. Jay is a guy who lives and breathes drums and percussion. He has an incredible work ethic to match his amazing natural ability."

- Eoin O’Callaghan/Best Boy Grip

"Jay is a true pro, he is dedicated to the art of drumming like few others. When it comes to being in the pocket - Jay nails it. Want it on the grid? Jay nails it. Fantastic session drummer - and would recommend him to anyone."

- Andrew Ferris (Jetplane Landing & Small Town America)


"A great player needs to have musicality, ability, application, good time and most important of all, the right attitude.  Jay has all of these and more.  Look no further."

- Liam Bradley (Van Morrison, Ronan Keating & Blue Nile)

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